7 Costly Mistakes Baby Boomers Make That Can RUIN Your Retirement!

What’s in “7 Costly mistakes baby boomers make that can RUIN your retirement”


  • Having no plan.
  • Having too much cash or going to 100% cash.
  • Investing as though you’re accumulating wealth.
  • No plan for meeting capital expenses and income.
  • Using the wrong assumptions.
  • Investing based on misinformation.
  • Not protecting your retirement portfolio from markets shocks.

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There is a right way and wrong way of achieving your best retirement.

#1 For some, they have the specialised knowledge and are capable of managing it alone. They might make some mistakes along the way, but they will get there.

#2 For others, they are time-poor, busy living their best life. They may have a little knowledge. But, educating themselves all things financial is not what they want to be spending their time doing. 

Yet, they want some help, professional guidance to short cut the whole process. 

They want to avoid the costly mistakes others make. 

We’ve refined a process over two decades working with pre-retirees. 

That helps them arrive at retirement financially ready.

For anything, retirement throws at them.

They have the game-plan, both defence and offence.

So when life throws a curveball, like COVID-19, they know how to pivot, if at all.

All bases covered. 

Then, there’s is no better time to get your retirement game plan in order.

Want some help to formulate your retirement plan?

Avoid the many costly mistakes baby boomers are making.

Use a proven process that will achieve all your retirement dreams.

Have all your questions asked?

Increase your confidence.

Fund your dream holidays, nice wine, nice restaurants and a comfortable lifestyle.

It’s time we had a chat to how we might be able to help make that a reality.

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