A couples frustrating journey to find an adviser to help plan their retirement…

I got off the phone the other day with a lovely lady who was frustrated and time was running out…

…retirement edging closer by the day…uncertainty increasing…becoming more difficult by the day to figure out the right course to take…

The frustrating challenge of finding the right adviser to help with retirement planning…

She was 58 and her husband was 63.

They were on their final push towards retirement.

In search of someone who could help them plan their retirement…

To make sure they have sufficient financial resources to fund their lifestyle in retirement…

Make sure they didn’t make any blunders when it mattered most..

A plan to make sure they had everything in place and could transition into retirement full of confidence…

Knowing they wouldn’t run the risk of running out of money.

Like many pre-retirees, this can be one of the most stressful times in their life. Facing the fear of the unknown, not knowing what they are planning for…

After all, you’ve never been through this unique transition before.

You can’t afford to make a wrong move at this critical point in your life…

Knowing this, they were actively on the search for someone to help them plan their retirement.

So they could retire full of confidence knowing that’d be okay…

…you’d think it would be easy, right?

Nope, they were hitting brick wall after brick wall.

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Everytime they thought they had found someone. An adviser would try and convince them they needed a Self Managed Super Fund or they needed to change their investments.

Without understanding their full situation or what they wanted from their retirement.

It’s like putting the cart before the horse…

This is what I call “product flogging”…the said adviser’s sole interest was to line their pockets.

So much so I could hear the frustration in her voice as she was telling me this…

I felt for these guys…all they were looking for was advice that would set them up for a comfortable retirement. They wanted something simple.

It shouldn’t have been this hard.

But, the people they were speaking to only wanted to sell them a product…


I wish I could shake some sense into these advisers because that’s not the way you give advice, with the product at the center of the conversation.

I seriously thought this was behind the profession…but obviously not.

TIP: When speaking with an adviser ask them how they are paid. Ask whether their business gets paid by any products they recommend. If so you’ll know there is a conflict of interest and there may be a risk you may not give advice that is right for you.

It’s not the world I live in, that’s for sure…

In our world, it all starts with conversation about the challenges people are having around planning their retirement…

No discussion on product or investments. You could call me the doctor of retirement planning.

Except it’s FUN…where talking about your future lifestyle, hopes and dreams.

But until we know what you need…how you’re positioned financially…what BLINDPOTS you have there’s no way of knowing what product or investments you will need.

Sure, at some stage there may be financial products or investments you’ll need. You can’t determine what you need until you have your game plan sorted.

BIG Retirement Questions You Need To Answer Now

More often than not there are two challenges we find pre-retirees struggling with:

#1 How much money do I need?

#2 Will I run out of money?

While these are the two biggest challenges facing most pre-retirees. They are struggling to put their own retirement game plan together.

It’s no wonder…it’s tough to zoom out from your personal situation…it’s tough to make sense of all the rules around retirement planning.

You’re in uncharted waters…you’ve never been through this transition before.

It’s like learning to walk again…

A mindset change is required as you edge closer to giving up your regular income from your job.

Don’t leave your retirement planning to chance

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