A worrying trend for those within 10 yrs of Retirement…

Only 10% of pre-retirees have a documented retirement plan. While three in five have vague plans at best..

Wow…wow and wow…

These were the findings by recent research conducted by Fidelity International on the current state of pre-retirees and retirees in Australia.

Retirement is no time for vagueness…

For those on the cusp of retirement. It’s no wonder they don’t feel confident about being on track for a comfortable retirement.

If you are within 10 years of retirement, this is one of the most important transitions you’ll ever go through.

You are within a stone’s throw of your next 30 year journey…

It’s not something you can be vague about…if you want to live a comfortable and rewarding retirement.

If you want to roll into retirement full of confidence.

You need to have a well thought out plan…along with a few contingencies for when the plan goes awry.

The biggest worry soon retirees face…

For the last 30 or 40 years you’ve been relying on your regular pay cheque. The money which appears in your bank account every month.

Once you stop work that pay cheque stops…

Now you’ve got to rely on what you’ve saved to pay you a regular income.

There’s now a real possibility of running out of money before you die…if you haven’t put in the hard work to plan for this.

With only 10% of those approaching retirement having documented plans. There’s no surprise people lack confidence when it comes to their retirement.

There’s one simple solution…seek out advice and start documenting your retirement plan.

Get your PDF copy of ENOUGH? here…

Different Pathways…

Every retirement is unique…from the timing…experience…circumstances and transition.

There’s not one size fits all solution.

One client we started working with in the last 12 months was planning on retiring in 7 years time.

They had plans of packing up the caravanning and spending their days, weeks and months exploring this great country of ours.

We’d laid out the different scenarios…undertaking detailed cash flow analysis of what the future could look like for them.

Debts would be paid off and more than enough money to see them out for the rest of their life.

We met with them recently for their first Forward Planning Meeting.

Between meetings they’d been thinking, “what if we could bring things forward by 5yrs?”. So they can start their journey while they are fit and healthy.

Now we’re exploring whether it’s viable for them to bring their retirement adventure forward.

While this couple started the planning early. Leaving them plenty of wriggle room.

We had another couple come to us who were retiring inside the next 12 months...

They had similar plans, wanting to spend more time caravanning and wanted to relocate.

While they would have benefited from seeking advice years ago. They were in the fortunate position to have reasonable assets.

We worked with them to work through their numbers and set them up so they could fund their regular income safely and with confidence.

Dangers of leaving it too late…

Planning for retirement is becoming exceedingly difficult.

The Fidelity research found three in four people found the system too complex to understand.

Combine that with uncertainty and not having any experience with retirement, it’s no wonder people put it off.

The later you leave it, you back yourself into a corner with fewer options.

While there is no silver bullet on when to start planning your retirement. The earlier you start, the more options you are going to have available to you.

Maybe you can bring your retirement adventure forward by a few years. Start your journey while you’re fit and able.

Perhaps you can take less risk on your investments than you thought. No need to worry about your investments dropping by 50% when the market goes down.

Or maybe you can build in a little more safety margin to make you feel more comfortable both now in retirement.

If you don’t put the effort in your planning now, the fear of running out of money in retirement will always be on your mind…

Retirement Clarity in 45 days or less…

It’s one of the reasons we run these sessions. Many people fear being sold a product when seeking advice from a financial planner.

These sessions are designed with your lifestyle at the centre of the conversation. Helping you to clarify the lifestyle you want in retirement.

Helping you calculate the cost of your retirement. Working out how long your money will last under different scenarios. The best investment strategy to support your retirement adventure.

We’ll then craft your retirement roadmap outlining precisely what you need to do to build and protect your retirement nest egg and ultimately ENJOY IT.

All personalised to your unique circumstances and retirement adventures.

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