B.S. Called On Expert

I want to tell you about this Financial Adviser where B.S. is being called.  

You might find I go on a little rant here…

????Is what this Adviser saying really B.S?.????

He posts a fair bit on Facebook, mainly to help educate more people on how to better balance living today while setting themselves up for a great life in retirement.

After all, there is so much other B.S. being promoted (what I call by the technical name, financial pornography :)) that’s not helping anyone make decisions that actually make a difference.  I can talk about that another time.

But this particular adviser is talking about how much people require to live a comfortable retirement.  The framework to work through whether they’ll have enough and if not gives them the information to make positive changes. 

Surely that’s important, right?  unless you really don’t give a S$#@ about the future.

This adviser is starting a conversation and providing a framework where they can plan with confidence and live a stress-free retirement.

It’s fascinating how many people have commented both positively and negatively.

It’s also interesting in reading through the posts that many seem to be jumping to conclusions relatively quickly.

Yes, I will reveal the name of this adviser shortly, but first, let’s have a look at what’s been said:

“What a load of rubbish you don’t need a million dollars to retire.”

“What a load of rubbish.”

“I call bulls#$t”

So who is this adviser?

Drumroll, please…????

It’s the one and only, me.

Yes, that’s right, me.

Are you freakin kidding me?  I’ve spent the best of two decades providing advice to clients and more importantly helping them live stress-free in retirement.

The joy I get from clients just living their lives, WOW, I love that part of my job.

Sure, I get paid, but I also get to impact clients in a positive way.  I feel my job is done when they no longer worry about what’s going on in the world or their finances.  

One of my clients who had for years been watching the market reports religiously came in recently and told me he rarely watches them anymore.  Although educating my client for many years, he got there.  

I couldn’t have been prouder of them.

That’s not to say we just ignore important factors like markets.  

We just happen to have a framework and processes in place that allows our clients to live the best life they can without having to worry about things to be frankly honest, we can’t control.  Contrary to what the financial pornography channel is telling you.

Do I feel bad when this stuff gets said?

Sure, sometimes you could say devastated.  I feel like I’ve let them down.

Not because of what’s said, but because I obviously haven’t explained myself well enough.

Or, they have jumped to conclusions too quickly.

Lucky I have broad shoulders.

But what also gets me a down a little is these people are settling for less, so much less.

I can’t tell the times I’ve been sitting in my office with a new client and wondering why they didn’t come see me earlier.

Yes, we could have done more but most importantly they could have had so much more.  The changes that could have been made that ultimately would have improved their life, not to mention providing them with more options.

It’s simple mistakes and behaviours that many make that if well advised and avoided makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

So, why are they calling B.S.?

Well, to be honest, I don’t think they read the post thoroughly enough and secondly, they are pushing their own opinions onto other people without any authority whatsoever.

I’m not one to brag or talk about myself too much.  This will be one of those few times.

Don’t get me wrong I love hearing what others have to say.  It gives me a chance to listen and know what people are thinking.  It also gives me topics to write about that ultimately help you. 

But in times like this, I want to set the record straight, when it matters and if one person takes action from this post, it’s been worth it.

One thing we do here at Jigsaw Private Wealth is to help people live the best life possible with the financial resources they have.

It just happens that we specialise in helping people over the age of 50 plan for tomorrow without sacrificing today.  It’s pretty simple.

What are the key ingredients of a solid retirement plan? One that will allow you to live the best life…

#1 Where do you want to go?

This is key, without any vision how are you going to be motivated to make decisions that move you closer to your retirement, not away from it.

#2 What are your numbers?

Yes, while living a great life is on most people’s list, it’s critical you know your numbers.  What’s it going to take (financial resources) to live the best life now and in retirement?

#3 Is there are Gap?

If you are in the midst of planning your own retirement, you might be finding that you have a gap to fill.

So the big question is how are you going fill this gap?  Are you going to save more?…Invest more?…negotiate on your retirement outcomes?…work longer?…plan a side hustle in retirement?  

​​Surely you’d rather know whether you have a gap now rather than finding out later, right?

If there is no gap, it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to use your financial resources to lead the best life possible or alternatively how you are going to protect your legacy.

#4 What’s your Gameplan?

What are your next steps in making this all a reality? or are you going to give way to the Ostrich effect and bury your head in the sand to avoid danger?  

You need a gameplan otherwise you continue to run around like a headless chicken.  I used to live on a farm so I know what this looks like.  I know you don’t want that.

So, there you have it, master those steps and you’ll have everything you need to make informed decisions.

Notice I haven’t mentioned any numbers here…not even anything about investments and products?…that’s because once you have completed the above the tactics are pretty obvious.  Most start back to front and end up wondering why they didn’t plan well enough.

Everyone’s an individual and I firmly believe that when you are planning your retirement it needs to be based on living the best life you can.  It just so happens that you need financial resources behind you.

Oh yeah, I want to add one more thing here…

When trying to work through your decisions here is a great question to ask yourself.

Is this moving me towards or further away from what I want?

Hint: You want to be moving closer towards what you want, not away from it.​​

I hope that’s been useful.  

It’s the framework we use for our clients every single day to help them live the best life possible with the resources they have.  At the same time eliminating all the complexity, anxiety and stress from their lives.  

​​It’s not that hard.  

​​It just happens to be the financial services industry has overcomplicated it all for you.

After all, life’s all about living, not stressing.☺️

Hope that’s been useful.

If you have any comments feel free to send them through.  I’d love to hear from you.

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