Client October 2019 letter…


Dear Valued Jigsaw Client,

So, we’re less than 100 days until the end of another year.

As a large number of our clients return from their hiatus from the cold, spending months in the warmer parts of Australia, I reflect where our clients have been and what experiences are to come.

We’ve had clients who have started their family, clients who have semi-retired and starting something new, clients who are traveling further and experiencing so much more.

I’m very jealous of one of our clients( you know who you are) who are just to embark on once in a lifetime trip to Antartica on board Scenic Eclipse.  Something else I’ll need to add to my bucket list.

I, as your adviser, feel privileged to part of the journey and see you achieve and experience so much.

Particularly now more than ever, we are in challenging times and seeing things I thought I would never see.  Interest rates heading to all-time lows. We may even see them go to half a percent into next year.

This provides both a challenge for those with term-deposits generating a return above inflation and investment markets as investors seek greater returns in challenging times.

As most of you will know, we don’t focus on things we can’t control, nor do we know where investment markets will go.  We structure your finances and portfolios based on a proven methodology that allows you to have funds available when required and not be forced into selling down your portfolio in difficult market conditions.

We’ve got your back.

As I always promote, focusing on the things you can control, like living the best life possible and I see this happening with all our clients every single day.

But, if you ever have any questions about how we do things, what’s going on with investment markets, about your investments or for that matter anything to do with your finances, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email.  Please do not let it stew any longer than needed.

As I am sitting here writing this, it’s school holidays and the kids are outside my home office door playing nicely for now with lego, but who knows, I could have to break up an argument at any moment.

Personally I’ve let another birthday pass by, and I don’t know whether it’s me, but the years seem to pass by quicker these days.

So, I have a little time set aside to spend some quality time with our two boys this week, let’s see how long that lasts…they are great kids but gees they can be annoying at times.  But I guess that is the gig of a being a parent…

So enough of me.

I have many clients ask me if we’re not to listen to the financial pornography channels as I call them, what am I to listen too?

In the interest of providing information that might be useful, outside of where the markets are going, I’m hoping the below might be of interest or useful ideas to apply.

Let me know you’re thoughts…

Struggling to keep track of all your passwords?

I don’t know about you, but I have over a hundred of these sitting around.  I’m an old school type of guy.  I have a black book I carry around with them all in.  It never leaves my side.

But now I’ve started using a chrome extension called Lastpass.

Lastpass is designed to store and save all your passwords.

The great thing about Lastpass is you can make the passwords more challenging and harder for someone to crack.  It can suggest a password that is very strong.

In the age of the internet, we are all accumulating a lot of passwords.  It worth considering what will happen when one partner passes away.  All their sites and logins should be shut down.  This is a great way of making sure they are all in a secure place.

You can set up an account and have all your passwords stored in one place and give the one password to a loved one to access in an emergency or when you pass away so they can close all your sites down.

I believe you can also store all your digital records there as well.

It’s free on the basic version which is what I use.  You can check it out here>>

Starting or Breaking a Habit…

When on leave or traveling I tend to use the time to read or listen to audiobooks.

A recent one I thought was really valuable was Atomic Habits by James Clear.

If you want to start a new habit or break an old one, this is the book for you.

I was listening to the audio version (I have the hard copy as well) and will read this a second time.  I found it interesting that some of what we have been using in our business with you our clients was covered in this book.

If you break it down it comes down to the smallest possible change we can make that will ultimately move the dial.  Ultimately what we do for you, our clients is create big ballsy goals.

Sometimes they can seem too big and so far away to achieve.  By breaking them down into smaller parts, the simplest and smallest change that can be actioned now will go a long way to achieving that new habit or break an old one.

In the book, creating a new habit involves:

#1 Make it obvious
#2 Make it attractive
#3 Make it easy
#4 Make it satisfying

Breaking a bad habit involves:

#1 Make it invisible
#2 Make it unattractive
#3 Make it difficult
#4 Make it unsatisfying

The book states a two-minute rule “When you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do”.

Ie. You want to read a book…

It could be, set your alarm 10 minutes prior to your usual bedtime.

Place book on a pillow.

You’ll be well on your way to reading that book, by taking simple steps towards making it happen.

Hope that helps.

The book is Atomic Habits by James Clear.  It’s a simple read and easy to follow with loads of examples.  It comes with regular resources to help you create good habits and break bad habits.

I’m going to read it cover to cover now.

Love to Caravan?

I found this an interesting compromise between caravan and boat.

Not sure how practical it would be.  Click here to view>>

Looking for something a little different in the Barossa?

Recently released eco accommodation in the heart of the Barossa.  I’ll be keeping this in mind when planning a wine-related getaway in the Barossa (no kids it toe, of course).  Click here to check them out>>

Where in the world is this?

It’s a place I have been close to but never visited.  It’s so on my bucket list of places to visit.  Let me know where it is…

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