Dream Up Your Retirement Worksheet!

Dream Up Your Retirement Worksheet!

Step #1 – Dream up your best life in retirement.

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Instructions on how to complete the worksheet:

#1 We’ve broken the retirement lifestyle in 4 categories, Vocation, Vacation, Relaxation, and Recreation.  Pick the ones you value most.

#2 Pick up to 6 (if you have more great), and a least one from each category.

#3 One page 2 you’ll find a worksheet the ones that are most important to you.  There’s room for six, but if you have more write them on the back of the page.

#4 Write a sentence or two describing each vision and then a sentence on why this is important to you.

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Step #2 What’s it really going to cost?

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Step #3 Mind Your Retirement Gap Worksheet

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