Investing for retirement

Fearless Investing…

What type of investor are you?

Are you a confident investor?

You know how it works.

Buy growth investments.

Hold for the long term.

You know compound interest will work for you.

You don’t panic when share markets fall.

Actually, you look forward to it like when your favourite shop goes on sale once a year.  A little excited:) Everything’s on sale…

Or are you the nervous investor?

You know a little.

You know you need to invest to make your money grow.

But you get a little nervous when investment markets crash.

Or are you I’ll lose all my money and never do anything type of investor?

You’re likely to be spooked by naysayers.

You believe we’re just around the corner from a share market crash.

But what if I lose all my money your thinking?

You leave everything in cash or more than required in fear of losing it all.

Either way, whether you have a lot of money, some or very little we as humans are hardwired to fear a loss twice as much as we are happy to accept a gain.

We already have our backs up against the wall.

But here’s the thing, we as humans at times do not act rationally, particularly when it comes to money.

Do you know what’s the biggest value add by having a professional adviser by your side?

Every bit of research into the benefits of having a professional adviser proves it’s helping investors manage their behaviour when it comes to money and how to maintain focus and discipline with their investment strategy.

No matter your opinion of advisers, find a good one, and I mean a good one and they will be worth their weight in gold.

A really good adviser helping you tame your inner demon to do the opposite of what you want to do could add anywhere between 1-3% pa, in increased returns.

Imagine for a moment what that extra money could do for your lifestyle…extra holidays…a few more luxeries…the ability to help your kids and grandkids out financially or just leaving a lasting legacy to your family.

All the little extras that make life a little sweeter just by taming your inner demon…

Now those increase returns may not come each year, but it’s at critical stages where we do not act rationally that it all pays dividends.

Don’t let things remain the same.  It’s time to take ownership…

If you only take one thing from this blog today, take the time to read the below and let it sink in, it will make you money…

Now, I’m not a religious type, but this rings true for successful and fearless investing…

A prayer from Theologian, Reinhold Niebuhr, with added golden rules for investing.

God, grant me the serenity.

to accept the things I cannot change [like short-term stock market movements].

Courage to change the things I can [like diversification and investment costs].

And wisdom to know the difference.

Do you want to be a FEARLESS investor? and the bonus, it’s likely to help you live your best life leading into and through retirement…

Are you up for the challenge?

Check out our latest video below where we discuss how to become a Fearless investor and our thoughts from our recent investment committee meeting.

Fearless Investing – Dec 19 Investment Update

Want to fast forward to something you’re really interested in, feel free to see the timings below…
[00:00] Intro
[00:39] Our 3 step Retire Ready Flow Process
[01:40] The investment philosophy we use to invest for clients leading into and through retirement.  How we invest…What we don’t do…invest based on academic research…how returns are generated…putting financial science to work and the three pillars of risk we manage.
[9:08] Current reality…update from our recent investment committee market briefing.
[15:15] Portfolio strategy.
[16:34] Tipping points chart…basis for the investments we hold.
[17:18] Reasoning behind recent asset class changes.
[19:44] Insights into our investment portfolios.

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P.S.  If you have scrolled to the bottom, we’ve talked about the different types of investors.  Take fear by the bull and horns and never worry about investing again.  We also provide our latest thoughts about the share markets.  In fact, we give you the kitchen sink, we should you everything…


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