Damaging ripple effect of NOT managing your financial life!

Do you worry about your finances on a regular basis?

# 1 Are you worried about whether you will have enough for retirement?

# 2 Do you constantly worry whether you are investing the right way?

# 3 Wondering how much longer you’ll need to work?

# 4 Does the thought of running out of money in retirement freak you out?

# 5 Do you regularly worry about whether you are taking the right actions?

Or are you regularly questioning whether you are on track to enjoy your retirement?

All are very valid concerns most have no matter the amount of wealth, whether they work past retirement age or not.

Here’s the thing, if you don’t address this issue, slay the elephant in the room and get the right advice, it will and most probably already is having a ripple effect on the rest of your personal wellbeing.

It shouldn’t be this way…

A recent study by Fidelity found that 67% of Australians worry about their finances at least monthly and 23% daily.

This is a massive number, nearly two-thirds of Australians!

One of the biggest concerns for people heading into retirement is running out of money.

However, what’s not being talked about is the ripple effect of constantly stressing out about your finances.

Here’s the thing, while you may not think it, your financial wellbeing has a direct correlation to your personal wellbeing.

A further finding from this study found that 37% of Australians say that financial issues have affected their health.

While 52% said it affected their mental health, half of Australians.

I’d add that when you worry about your finances, it impacts your personal relationships as well.

New clients, we meet with, exhibit, some if not all of these traits.

Those concerns can be broken down further into three overriding questions:

# 1 How do I protect my capital heading into retirement?

# 2 How do I set it all up so I don’t stuff it up?

# 3 How can I be confident I can sustain my lifestyle in retirement?

And many more…

Having a simple, yet effective framework to follow can have far-reaching benefits than just financial wellbeing.

# 1 One that follows a proven process.

# 2 Protect’s the hard work you have put in to build your nest egg.

# 3 Builds a moat around your retirement portfolio while avoiding retirement killers.

# 4 Invest based on the evidence, not some untested hope and pray strategy.  (P.S. most are getting this one very wrong and in some cases, their portfolios are a ticking time bomb).

# 5 The plan is continually being tested and re-tested as assumptions are updated.

# 6 Is nimble enough to pivot as your life changes.

It’s what we call our Retire Ready Framework

Once we have an opportunity to really listen, explore deeper and completely understand potential client’s desires and aspirations, we’re in a position if we’re able to help to implement this framework.

What we typically find, as we start implementing, helping to understand how the pieces of the financial puzzle fit together,  we see their confidence levels increase.

We start to see them living their best lives without being worried about their finances.

The research by Fidelity supports this.

The overwhelming majority who receive advice say they have improved peace of mind and feel they have greater control over their finances.

Add to that improved mental health, family life, and physical health.

It all leads to what can be called Return on Life!

If you have used an adviser, I’m sure you’d agree!

While there is a minority who have an insatiable appetite for finance and are very capable of managing their own finances, sure they don’t need the help.

However, for the majority, seeking good financial help will do wonders not only for your financial wellbeing but the ripple effects of improving your personal wellbeing.

Sure, you could say I’m a little biased, but I see the impact the advice we provide to clients every single day has.

Not only do we help navigate the financial part, but we help client’s everyday live their best life.

It’s not just an investment in getting your financial world in order.

I’d argue it’s the non-financial aspects that are more valuable.

Imagine for a moment, you have more confidence in the future, knowing what’s possible.

Improved health.

Better mental health.

Improved personal relationships.

We know that people think advice is expensive, not worth it and the big one, the adviser’s only working in their own best interest.

I’ve seen more than I would like to of clients who have had a bad experience in the past.

It’s time to stop thinking about advice being a cost, it’s an investment, not only in your financial wellbeing but your personal wellbeing.

I’m not sure you can put a price on the ability to live your best life.

What’s holding you back?

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Together we’ll help:

# 1 Achieve clarity around what your best life looks like.

# 2 Avoid the common mistakes that ruin retirement dreams.

# 3 Set a priority list that will help you achieve more, faster.

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Here’s to living your best life!


P.S. We’ve talked about the ripple effect of not addressing your financial wellbeing.

The time has come to slay the elephant in the room and secure your retirement before it’s too late.  Time to put what you know to one side and take action that will transform your life, not only when it comes to your financial wellbeing but your personal wellbeing as well.

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Knowing is easy, doing in hard…

Glenn Doherty – CFP – Founder & Financial Organiser at Jigsaw Private Wealth

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