Fitness Trainer to the Stars & How to Transform Your Money Fitness!!

Meet Chief Brabon, he’s the one on the left, I’m on the right.  One of the nicest, successful badass fitness trainers going around.  He let’s his results do the talking.

He started out in the Army, tried out for the SAS at the age of 18.  He was not accepted due to his age however given an invitation to return whenever he wanted once he reached the right age without further testing.

People heard about his success so he started training recruits who were trying out for the SAS, then came their wives asking to be trained by him.  He found his calling.

He then started one of the most successful outdoor fitness programs going around (Original BootCamp).  The ones where people pay to workout rain, hail or shine.

Chief Brabon’s the guru when it comes to fitness and his wife, Gunny Brabon handles the nutrition side.

But one thing these guys know is how to get results.

Think recent body transformations all inside 8 weeks, Guy Sebastian and his wife Jules, James Stewart from Home & Away, Larry Emdur from the Morning Show & most recently Osher Gunsberg.  It’s quite amazing.

So I thought I would give the program a go.  8 weeks of eating properly and working out the right way to get results.  And I’ve got to say it works even for ordinary people like myself.  At the age of 41, this dad of two lost 16 kgs and added 3 kgs of lean muscle over that 8 weeks, so I know it works.  Didn’t quite get my 6 pack, but I’m the fitness I have ever been, and I was pretty fit in my younger years.

Chief Brabon recently did a speech at a coaching program I am part off (yes even I have a coach) and he was talking about Guy Sebastion.

See, Chief Brabon does things his own way.  He asked Guy to his home for a chat and a cup of tea.  Chief said he didn’t just take anyone on as a personal client.  So he asked Guy what was the reason he wanted to change his figure.

He response was staggering.  He said that when he was in Australian Idol that the comment from one of the judges about his appearance rocked him.  He was told that he was quite chubby and looked terrible.  At the time Jules, his wife didn’t know this worried him.  Combine that with keeping up with his kids and there was his motivation.

Look up their transformations, they are quite amazing.  Just goes to show that understanding you’re why can help you achieve anything.

So, how does this help with mastering your money?  Everything.

In some ways, we are very similar except we help people become more successful with their money, master their money fitness.

We don’t just take anyone on as a client.  Our first meetings with potential clients are more like is there a good fit.

One of the first pieces of information we want to know is what are they looking to achieve and why.  It’s about knowing the right pieces of the puzzle first.

Here are some examples:

  • We just want to be financially well-off and not have to worry about money
  • I want to provide a good life for my family, it’s my role and duty
  • We feel like we are earning good money, but not showing anything for it and we should be making the most of it
  • I want to be in a position where work is an option, there is so much more I would like to achieve outside work

Much like people employ personal trainers, they could do it themselves, however, we as humans are lazy when it comes to stuff like this.  It’s well known that you get better results with a personal trainer.  As Chief says to his clients, “we don’t know everything, but we do know the mistakes people make” and it’s because of this they get the results.

As with Chief’s clients, sometimes you can go to pretty dark places when you are pushing your body.  It’s these times that your why will get you through the tough times and he uses this to push his clients.

Now, I can’t as a financial planner say that I know everything, no one does but much like Chief, I’ve seen most of the mistakes that people make when it comes to money and it’s these very common mistakes that help us progress our clients forward at a faster rate than someone who is going it alone.

If you are doing it yourself, how is that going for you?

One thing we do very well, is help clients work out what it is that they are looking to achieve, sometimes that’s financial and sometimes it not.  We’re able to assist them to determine where improvements can be made and put them on the right path that will help them achieve it.

We provide the right environment combined with a framework and structure that is flexible and adaptable to each individuals lifestyle.

People employ personal trainers to get results, results they would not necessarily be able to get themselves.

So, if you’re a professional, business owner or someone planning for retirement and are wanting to get your version of a personal trainer in finance and want to fast track your way to wealth then feel free to book in a 15 min Let’s Get Started call here>>> and we can start a conversation.

I’ll be honest here, we won’t do your pushups for you, but if you are motivated for the right reasons we can save you a lot time and heartache and save you from the mistakes most people make to fast track your way to wealth.

Hope that’s been useful.

Glenn (Your personal finance coach) HOOYAH

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