Optimising Time For Maximum Impact And Experiences…

I’m a big fan of maximising my time for experiences.

Alarm blaring at 5 am, I roll out of bed reluctantly but a little excited.

Realising the day ahead I get dressed.  I grab my lunch and drive half an hour to the boat ramp dreary eyed, but looking forward to what was going to be.

My father, brother and I had planned a fishing charter for the day.

My father was a keen fisherman.

While I enjoyed it, I rarely had the time to pursue or spend the many hours required to find the fishing spots.  Where you actually catch fish let alone maintain a fishing boat.

The idea of arranging fishing tackle, researching the tides, researching where the fish were biting and where to go is not my idea of fun.  While for some who have time I get it.

But with little time to do what was required, I wanted my time to count.

I wanted the experience and I wanted to be taken where the fish were most likely to be biting.

As we meet the skipper of the boat, he informs us the other party wasn’t going to make it so we had the boat all to ourselves.

It was still dark as we departed the boat ramp.

After clearing the boat ramp, the skipper got the boat up to full speed as we headed off to our first location, an hour away.

The water, calm as the sun was rising about Adelaide.

It was a peaceful view.  A view I rarely get to enjoy.

On the way, our skipper was giving us a rundown of the fishing spots he was going to be taking us too.

Not knowing where the fish were biting, he informed us they had had many successful fishing days prior.

After what seemed a long time we arrive at the first location.

The skipper positioning the boat so we were in the right spot to throw our lines in.

The water was calm and we were looking forward and waiting in anticipation for the first bites.

It took a little while as we started to get a few bites and then we struck gold.

Our first catches were baby snapper.

To ensure we didn’t overfish the skipper pulled up anchor and took us to another location in the hope of snagging bigger snapper.

He dropped anchor again and we caught a few smaller fish for which we threw back.

It took a while before we started to haul in some bigger snapper.

We were feeling pretty happy with ourselves as we started snagging the bigger snapper.

We were also able to enjoy a navy Orion complete a low pass over within an earshot of us.

The skipper informed us they used the area for training runs.

Then, bang, I got the shock of my life, a big bite at the end of my line.

It felt like a big fish and at the time no one knew what it was.

It took me a while to safely get the fish to the boat without coming off the hook.

I had no idea what type of fish it was.  All I knew was it was big, maybe a whopper of a snapper.

As I brought it in closer to the boat, the skipper said it was a mulloway.

He indicated they didn’t catch them that often.

As I pulled it in I couldn’t believe it.   It was a touch over metre long.

The skipper turned to me and said, that was the catch of the day.

We fished a little longer and then it was time to head back.

One could say it was a successful day bagging out on the small snapper along with some larger snapper and a couple of mulloway, the prize catch of the day.

The point, I was willing to outsource the whole fishing organising to someone who had all the gear, had the experience and ultimately saved me a tonne of time making it more enjoyable.

Here’s the thing, like fishing I see a lot of people who come in who have gone in alone, looking for where the fish are biting so speak (work their retirement out on their own).

But they end up wasting a lot of time…following untried strategies…convinced by get- rich schemes…thinking it’s easy to go it alone…listen to doom and gloom commentators to finally realise what I call a hit and hope strategy just isn’t cutting the mustard.

They feel like they are getting nowhere…feeling lost in the forest…feeling like they are zigging and zagging all over the place not knowing who to believe.

While there are those that have the knowledge to work it all out, I find most just want to sit back and enjoy life…not needing to worry about their money.

While also knowing they are going to arrive in great shape.

Time is one precious commodity you just don’t get back.

I don’t know about you but I value my time.

I outsource where I can to give me time back, particularly where someone can do it better and faster than me.

I find this with clients as well.

They come in with either little knowledge or thinking they know a lot only to find there is much more they do not know.

Google does not give you the exact answer and ultimately confuses the hell out of you.

Leaving little progress nor being able to fix your problem.

You don’t know what you don’t know, right?

But once we get them sorted, they have less stress about their money.

They don’t pay as much attention to the financial pornography channels.

They get on with filling their time with the things they value most all the while knowing that if they require a straight answer they know where to get it.

No more trying to chase an answer and wonder whether its the right one.

After all, you don’t want to risk everything you’ve worked so hard accumulate to let one decision let it all come tumbling down, do you?

Are you someone who is fishing around trying to figure out the right strategy to retire comfortably and confidently?

Do you know the right way to invest given the lifestyle you are trying to achieve and balance challenging investment markets?

Are you leaving opportunities on the table?

Feeling like you are zigging and zagging?

Do you want time back where you can 100% focus on what matters rather than wasting time and energy on something you struggle to understand all the while second-guessing yourself? After all, there are only so many hours in the day.  You may as well make them count! Right?

If so we want to be able to help you.  Put you back on track to living the lifestyle you’ve worked hard for.

Don’t leave it to chance…

Don’t delay any longer.

Book your Confident Retirement Call here.  In this short call, we’ll have a conversation, we’ll quickly help you uncover where your focus needs to be directed.  We’ll even help you figure out how to get from where you are to the retirement lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of with less stress and anxiety.

With all the confusion and noise it’s times like these, clarity, systems and processes help to achieve so much more.

Here’s to a stress-free retirement.  Maximise your time for experiences and the things that matter most in your life.


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