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Working Professionals

You are a busy professional, working hard while trying to manage work and family life. Time just passes by way too quickly. You rarely have time to look at your finances and you’re not sure how you are going to achieve your financial goals.

How we help: We’ll work with you to work out the results you are looking for. We will unpack your current reality, uncover the roadblocks between where you are and where you want to go. We’ll provide solutions to bridge the gap that are relevant to your unique circumstances. We will save you the time and provide more certainty around your future so you can move forward on purpose, live your life with less stress.


People who are starting to plan for retirement (generally 1-15yrs out). This is the most critical period of time for you to be able to maximise your opportunities to ensure you can maintain your ideal lifestyle in retirement. You may not have seen an adviser previously and looking for some real direction to realise your future. You could be someone who is working with an adviser however you may not have that clear path you are looking for.

How we help: By working out what your desired lifestyle looks like, working out whether you will have enough assets to fund this lifestyle.  Implementing strategies to bridge the gap. We then monitor and report back to you on a regular basis to discuss your progress. Determine any course corrections that need to made while managing the inherent risks leading into retirement. We then assist you transition into your lifestyle post work. We structure your finances in a way that will generate the income required to fund your lifestyle, allocate funds for emergencies and one off expenses while paying the least amount of tax. We assist you by managing the ongoing risks which are very different to that of working people. This leads to a sense of security, peace of mind and confidence you can continue to fund your lifestyle.

Medical Professionals

You are a highly trained medical professional working hard in your career. You may be at the start, middle or end of your career in the medical sector. You have very little time to manage your finances and even though you take an interest in your own finances you don’t have the intimate knowledge of the finance sector. Given your income is high you want to make the most of this and ensure you are able to build assets for your family and continue to live your ideal lifestyle.

How we help:  What we find is there is generally no clear direction. We declutter your finances, provide a clear path between where you are now and where you want to be. We do the heavy lifting while you make all the decisions. Your time is valuable, we give you time back, time that you don’t have to spend worrying or arranging your finances. We provide proven structures that allow you to build you assets over time without any added complexity. If you want we can co-ordinate all your other advisers.

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