Shh… I have a secret to tell You…

The Big Super Secret

Alright, here’s the big secret. Ta dah!

The superannuation system is very, very specifically designed. It’s actually one of the most complicated systems in the world, and I want you to think about it as a giant reward system.

It’s like Qantas frequent flyer on steroids. It’s designed to reward one thing … people who take action.

I could show you a calculation.

It’s smoke and mirrors, but it would tell you that superannuation is a guaranteed 27 to 35% return. Obviously, that’s got nothing to do with investments. It’s got to do with the tax savings. But the truth is when you look at it, the money, in super is worth significantly more later in life than it is outside of super.

But the other thing is, the super system punishes inaction. I want you to think about it like the Medicare levy, for people who don’t have health insurance after the age of 30. But it’s devilish because the impact doesn’t come now. It comes later when it’s too late to do anything about it.

If you use the super system as it’s designed, it will function as designed and it will give you payback. It’ll give you payback in financial benefits. It’ll give you payback in terms of certain benefits outside of that.

And most importantly, it will give you the lifestyle rewards as a result of having done something.

It’s protected by law, or at least it’s people like myself in what I do that fight tooth and nail to make sure the government doesn’t mess around with it. And if they do, we fight tooth and nail to make sure that all of that messing doesn’t come to anything.

But the bottom line is if you don’t use it, if you ignore it, or if you fear that something, later on, it will punish you. And being a legal entity, it has no remorse. And it will take away quite easily.

Recent government changes have made it very important to consider the benefits of the super system much earlier, subsequently, if you don’t take advantage of the benefits as I have mentioned above, the system has no remorse, you either use it or lose it.

Consider for one moment, how are you using the system right now? Using it, avoiding it, don’t believe in it or letting your beliefs about the system get in the way rather than benefiting from one of the best super systems in the world.

Whatever your belief or current actions, super will be one of your biggest investments and likely for most to be the sole investment that will fund your lifestyle in retirement.

So. if I was you and you are no onboard, I’d suggest you get onboard and benefit from it rather than ignoring it or letting limiting beliefs get in the way.

Remember this is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to putting your retirement lifestyle plan together…

So, I hope you found this secret useful.

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