Spending Your Time: the Ideal Week in Retirement

While planning the NUMBERS side of your retirement is important. Just as important is what you are retiring too. Many retire without much thought to how they are going to spend their days. There are 168 hrs in a week.

How are you going to fill your days so you live a meaningful retirement?

Dream Up Your Retirement!

Here is a worksheet to inspire you about your retirement. To help you consider what life you want to live in retirement.

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Your Ideal Week in Retirement!

After considering all the activities you will engage in retirement. It’s time to look at what an ideal week in retirement might look like. This is excluding time when you are travelling or holidaying.

This one-page worksheet is designed to help you think more deeply about how you intend to fill your days in retirement.

How are you going to fill your days in retirement? I’d love to know.  Once completed email me back at gdoherty@jigsawprivatewealth.com.au

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Make it a great Life!

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