The TRUTH about money!

Which you’re no being told about money…particularly when it comes to planning your self-funded retirement plan!

As a real financial planner, I believe, it’s my job to tell my clients the truth about money. In fact, it’s every financial planner’s obligation. It’s their responsibility to tell their clients the truth about money. But sadly very few do…

The TRUTH about money is not that this fund is better than that fund. Or this financial product is better than that financial product. Or this fund manager is better than that fund manager.  They are tools in the toolbox!

That is not the TRUTH about money…

It’s the financial services industry B.S. which gets financial planners focused on the wrong thing.

A little rant…

How do I know? I’ve been there. Where pressure was placed on me in my early years through the banks to sell products. And when I’d thought I’d finally broken free. In a business I partly owned, licensed through a large bank.

I found myself around the boardroom with some high-level executives. Being absolutely grilled about why I was not using their products with my clients.

My response…it’s not a good fit for them. Their response…next time use our products! Why, their sole interest, profit. It did not fit well with me. My clients come first.  It stuck of pure greed…

You just need to look around, it’s product this, product that. I can’t even tell you the number of emails I received this morning. From investment managers promoting their products. It all stinks.

My belief is I have no right to talk about anyone’s money until I understand the person in front of me. And only when I understand their story. Where they’ve come from, where they are now and where they want to go, have I earnt to right to talk about their money.

Let me explain…

That is not the TRUTH about money. Not where I’m coming from.

The TRUTH about money is this…

FACT: Life is not a rehearsal!

You do know that don’t you?

You’re reading this now. Very soon you are going to be dead. Let’s face it…

The problem is we don’t know whether this is going to be this year, next year, 20 yrs or 30 yrs or more time. That’s one thing we don’t know. How much time we have left on this planet.

The point is life is not a rehearsal, precious time is slipping away. That’s what’s going on here. Precious time is slipping away. And we’ve only got so much time on this amazing planet of ours.

As Van Morrison put, “Time like sand, is slipping through our hands”.

These are facts you can’t deny. I can’t deny it. In reality, we pay little attention to our own mortality.

Time is slipping by faster and faster. I don’t know about you but I can’t believe how the years continue to pass by faster by the year.

Look at the events of the last 20 yrs or so. The millennium, September 11, the Global Financial Crisis. And for that matter, your kids being born. It only seems like yesterday, right?

It seems the older you get the faster time goes by.

These then are facts you can’t deny and I can’t deny. Maybe you’ve caught yourself saying to yourself you don’t know where time has gone!

What this means for you is this…

…what do you want to do with the little time you have left on this planet?

WHEN can you STOP doing what you no longer enjoy?

There may be things you started years ago, that got you up in the morning. Motivated by the days ahead. But it may not be like this for you anymore. Maybe you just want to escape and get on with your life. Maybe your focus is turning to doing the things you want to do. Like travel, see the world, do things while you are still young, fit and able to do so.

This raises a great question, when can you STOP doing what you may no longer enjoy…

…and WHEN can you really start doing what you really love to do?

These are the questions you should be answering.

WHAT do you need to do to ensure that you never run out of money?

It’s a BIG question!

It’s the TRUTH about money, what do you need to do, to ensure you NEVER run out of money?


WHAT do you need to do to ensure your family is totally financially secure WHATEVER HAPPENS?

What is that? What do you need to do to take care of your family to make sure their ok, WHATEVER happens to you.

How much more do you need to accumulate, to save, to keep this life you are working so hard for?

These are BIG questions. And you need answers to these questions.

And perhaps the biggest question of all…


In other words. How much money do you need, to ensure you can live the life you’ve become accustomed too. And NEVER run out of money?


What needs to happen to help you keep the life you want?

Life is not a rehearsal. Precious time is slipping away.

Therefore, what do you want to do?

Do you want a game plan that will help you not only keep the life you have? But do all the things you want to do when you want to do them? Do you want to know HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH for you? Feel free to book your retirement checkup and tune-up call below. We’ll help you answer the BIG questions for you so you live your best life free from worry about running out of money in retirement.????????

Here’s to living your best life!

Glenn Doherty – CFP – Money Mentor | Taking the stress out of planning your self-funded retirement | Founder of Jigsaw Private Wealth

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