Torching the Dad BOD, Wisdom & Fast Tracking Your Retirement…

Torching a Dad BOD, Wisdom & Fast Tracking Your Retirement…

Yes, I torched my Dad BOD and I’ll tell you what you can learn from this that’ll help you fast track your Retirement.

As a committed parent, time flies by like the speed of lightning, particularly with kids demanding your attention 24/7.

The years tick over quicker and quicker, so do the age milestones. One minute you’re 30 free, and easy, the next minute your married, kids demanding your attention and all of sudden you’ve got to act like an adult.

For me, the big 40 had come and gone light the speed of light.

One day I woke up reflecting on my lifestyle and realised just about overnight (sure it happened over a longer period), my body had somehow turned into what’s known as the dad bod.  You know the one where there are a few more curves and washboard abs gone (actually I never had them to start with anyway:)).

My search for clothes that fitted well was a difficult and frustrating experience, to say the least.  While shopping was my wife’s favorite past time, it was never for me.

My weight had ballooned.

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Between getting married to my lovely caring and accepting wife (batting well and truly about my weight here), two boys entering the equation, a hectic lifestyle and the dreaded 40 rolling by at the speed of light.

My standards had slipped.  Most probably didn’t help that was of my favorite pastimes was enjoying a nice glass of red.

However, I enjoyed keeping fit.  In my younger years, I participated in just about any sport I could, from representing the state in Badminton, Surf Life Saving, Taewondo to participating in Boot Camp fitness.

You know the one where you drag yourself out of bed at 5:30 am still half asleep.  Then put yourself through the most challenging, sweaty workouts, mostly starting in the dark, rain, hail or shine.  Some people call this fun:).

Over the years, time got in the way so I went down the DIY route, it suited my lifestyle better, but it had its downfalls.

While I had no structure to my fitness regime at this time, I did what many do, enlist the help of Mr. Google.

I was hoping Mr. Google would help me find a solution for me.  The whole DIY fitness was taking up so much of my time.  From researching everything from different types of workouts to the best diet or eating plan to use.

I find the same when people are starting to plan for their Retirement.

Firstly, life is so hectic in your 40’s that very few people even think about planning for retirement.  Then you hit and all of a sudden panic starts to set in as the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer by the day.

Then you start researching with Mr. Google only to find you either can’t find what you are looking for or you experience analysis by paralysis and do nothing.  It gets too hard and you go back to the more pressing issues in your life only to find you never get back to it.

While some will find the information they are looking for, you might get ok results, or you might think so at the time.

(Pay attention to this point, it proves important later on)

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The same could be said of my DIY fitness regime that was taking up so much of my precious time and not getting me any real results.

Sure I was keeping what I thought at the time fit, but not seeing the benefits of the work being put in.

It was time I needed to do something more.

Something that was going to make a real difference and save me time and heartache of trying different solutions that were not providing any real results.  Results I could be happy with.

I made the big decision to outsource this all. To someone who had already done the work, knew exactly what worked and what didn’t.

Being the curious and thorough nut I am, I had undertaken a significant amount of research so knew exactly what I wanted.  I was, however, a little hesitant, second guessing myself whether I could commit to this.

The business was Original Bootcamp.  I had previously been exposed too many years ago.

The programme was called 8 weeks to WOW.  Yes “WOW”, think Guy Sebastian & Larry Edmur.  Both had gone through this programme.

I was sitting on the lounge late one  Sunday night with my laptop in hand when I was looking through their registration page.  The cutoff was midnight that night.   I realised if I didn’t do it now, I would have to wait until the next programme which was another six months away.

Sure, I could have taken the easy road, be lazy and put it off for another time.

I didn’t want to wait that long, so I made the decision there and then to commit and see how I go.

At the time my wife didn’t know I was considering such a programme, which came as a big shock to her as she loved me the way I was.  Being the great wife she is, she supported through the programme.

But what was driving me was not necessarily losing weight but to really tone my body so that clothes would fit better and I felt fitter, and like most dads to be able to keep up with two very active boys.

I was nervous and at times second guessing myself.

I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the first couple of weeks.

After all, I had to cut carbs, sugar and the most shocking thing for me was my wine (my sanity juice gone, oh god how was I going to survive, I was thinking).

I was told the exact food to consume, what to stay away from and what I would experience in the first two weeks along with all the workouts we should be doing through the week.

No longer did I have to use my valuable brain cells to think about it.  All I had to do was choose what to eat and when I needed to work out it was all there on my phone.

While I struggled through the first few weeks (not really, it nearly killed me), I kept to the plan and noticed the weight dropping and I was getting results quickly.  People were starting to notice and on are regular basis I had to go down another notch on my belt.

I started to feel fitter than ever, had more energy and felt like I was making real progress, that I could actually do this.

I got to the stage where my wife had to drag me to the shops to get new clothes that fitted.  My wife was in her element, having no patience for shopping not so much.

Yes, at times I gave into my old habits along the way, after all, it’s hard to be perfect all the time and sometimes life just gets in the way.

Our trainers always pointed out that if you did fall back into some of your old habits, to just get back onto the programme.

Had I’d made a decision earlier to enlist the help of a professional I could have achieved the results a lot earlier with less stress and saved myself a tonne of time, time I’d never get back.

While for some, DIY might get you a result and it will definitely take longer.

It will take up more of your time.

You will make mistakes.

You will leave money on the table.

You will miss opportunities.

It’s time to Stop DIY’ing your Retirement Plan.  Seek out a professional to save you the time and help you put a plan together that’s going to get you there faster so you can enjoy a little more fun in life.

Sure there is a cost to it, but what’s the cost of doing nothing?  What’s the cost of delaying it? What’s the cost of not being able to afford your lifestyle in Retirement?

Imagine being in a position where you could retire earlier, experience more in retirement and never have to stress about money again because you have a game plan in place.

Don’t settle for ordinary any longer.  Settle for extraordinary…

What’s more important than a Retirement Lifestyle you don’t have to compromise on?

Think of it this way, you are trading money for time.  We do every day of the week, whether that is someone to clean your house, mow your lawn, clean your car, we do to get time back.

Don’t put it off any longer.

Hope that’s been useful.

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