Will the BIG BAD WOLF blow your financial house down?

As a kid I remember the fairy tale of the three little pigs…and the BIG BAD WOLF.

When our boys were young I remember reading this fairy tale night after night.

They loved it when we got to “then I’ll huff and puff and I’ll blow your house in”.

We used to try and outcompete each other blowing and it would end up in a laughing fit with smiles all round.

It was certainly a popular fairy table in my household as a kid and for my own two boys. Along with many families and kids worldwide.

But this fairy tale has real implications for those where retirement is fast approaching.

Two BIG retirement questions every soon to be retiree is trying to answer…

After two decades of working with couples and individuals. There are two main questions everyone is looking to answer:

#1 Will I be okay?

#2 Do I have ENOUGH money?

Oh and a third, How do we set it all up?

With a complex retirement system to understand, they are not easy questions to answer.

So many variables need to be taken into account…

How long are you going to live?…How much income do you need?…What adventures do you need to fund?…

Then you’ve got to take into account investment returns…inflation…types of investments…safety margins…strategies and all the risks that could potentially bring your financial house down in retirement.

There’s a lot to consider and this is where people get stuck. They just don’t know where to start.

By answering these questions you will set yourself free.

You’ll have the confidence to enjoy a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

Without the answers to these critical questions. How can you ever retire with confidence?

How strong is your financial house?

The fairy tale of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf are very relevant when thinking about how you are positioned for your retirement.

Over your working years. You’ve accumulated super and financial assets. Hopefully enough to fund a long and enjoyable retirement lifestyle.

The way you structure your financial resources for retirement is vastly different from your working years.

As you move from saving and accumulating to drawing on your financial assets to fund your retirement income.

Have you ever thought about how strong your financial house is?

The three little pigs and the big bad wolf fairy tale refer to three houses:

#1Straw house

#2 Wood house

#3 Brick house

What is your financial house made up of?

A straw house…a wood house or a brick house.

You need to know…

Get your PDF copy of ENOUGH? here…

Will your financial house withstand the BIG BAD WOLF?

One day the BIG BAD WOLF is going to appear from the shadows when you least expect it.

When that BIG BAD WOLF arrives…when he huffs and puffs as hard as he can…what’s going to happen to your financial house?

We know the BIG BAD WOLF will arrive on a periodic basis…

Usually every 3-5 yrs there will be a BIG event that rocks the world and rocks the financial markets.

You may remember, the tech bubble in the early 2000’s, September 11, Afghanistan war, The Global Financial Crisis, COVID 19 and more recently the war between Russia and Ukraine.

We live through dozens of these and it doesn’t stop because you retire. There will be many more you will live through and have already.

The question isn’t are these events going to happen…the big bad wolf is going to show up.

The BIG question is when he shows up and huffs and puffs and blows on your house. Do you have a straw house, a wood house or a brick house?

One thing many soon to be retirees think is they can keep doing what they have been doing for the last 30 or 40 years.

There has to be a mindset change as you approach retirement. Your financial resources need  to be arranged differently to fund your income safely in retirement.

A different approach is required as you approach, transition into and live out your retirement.

Your financial house needs to be made of bricks…

It’s more important than ever as you approach your retirement that every financial brick needs to be placed in the right spot.

Otherwise you face the very real risk that when that BIG BAD WOLF comes knocking at your door.

Your financial house won’t be strong enough when he start’s huffing and puffing…

Unfortunately most people have a straw or wood house…it’s not until the BIG BAD WOLF comes that they realise this.

You see we are in the brick house business? Every financial brick is placed meticulously where it needs to be to AVOID the BIG BAD WOLF turning up and blowing your house down.

Achieve retirement clarity in 45 days or less…

The retirement system is complex. Trying to figure out all the moving parts is confusing.

As retirement looms you need to answer your most important questions if you want to enjoy a long and comfortable retirement.

That’s exactly what our Retirement Clarity Sessions are for…

We’ll help you map out your retirement journey…you’ll know your numbers. You’ll know exactly the next steps you’ll need to take to secure your retirement income and retirement lifestyle.

Maybe you can retire earlier than you thought…

These sessions are not a product flog or a get rich scheme.

These sessions are for those who want to get serious about achieving a comfortable retirement. Free from worrying about running out of money.

Due to these sessions being popular we have to limit how many we do a month. 

If you’re open to it, schedule a call with Glenn (I’ll waive the fee) to discuss how you could have a completely personalised retirement roadmap in 45 days or less.

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