Your Retirement Breakthrough Session

A roadmap to help you live a fulfilled lifestyle in retirement

  • Are you on track?
  • Identify risks & opportunities?
  • One Page Retirement Plan?

Specialising in Retirement Planning we work best with people:

Aged 55 plus

White collar professionals who want to live a fulfilled life in retirement.

Plan to be

You plan to fund your retirement lifestyle from your own super and investments.

Expert Guide

People who want a guide because they know their retirement is too important to handle it on their own.

Your Retirement Breakthrough Session

Looking for a roadmap to achieve your dream lifestyle in retirement? This 3 step framework will be perfect for you. We'll help you determine how well you're tracking, identify risks and opportunities in order to provide you with a roadmap to safely achieve your dream retirement.

Step #1 - Schedule a 15 min call

We know your time is valuable. We'll jump on a quick call to give us both a chance to make sure our expertise matches your circumstances.

After all you wouldn't see a brain surgeon if you needed knee surgery!

Step #2 - Retirement Breakthrough Session

We have no right to talk to you about your money, until we understand you.

Like a doctor, it's important to diagnose prior to prescribing.

The next step is meeting with Glenn (either in person or virtually). We'll spend an hour getting a clear vision on your dream retirement, how your positioned and your biggest concerns.

Step #3 - Retirement Breakthrough Insights

After taking the time to review your current position and completing a long term cash-flow analysis. We'll have a further meeting to discuss how your positioned. While exploring your risks and opportunities.

In plain English, we'll show you how your current path will pan out. Explaining what you can do to optimise your retirement plan, minimise your taxes and evaluate the risk you need to take with your investments to achieve your retirement lifestyle safely.

Call it your <<One Page Retirement Roadmap>>.

Think About It!

After this process, if there's a good fit and we can add significant value, we'll invite you to become a client. It's a BIG decision, so we'll simply ask you to think about it.

We're looking for long term relationships, not a transaction.

If you decide we're not a good fit for, you can take the information and implement it yourself or find another adviser to implement it for you. There's no pressure.

Step #1: Schedule a 15 min call here

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