Our Process

Avoid running out of money in retirement

Retirement Checkup & Financial Clarity!

"Life is not a rehearsal. Precious time is slipping away."


You want to know HOW MUCH is ENOUGH? Enough to live your best life without fear of running out of money. When you can STOP doing what you no longer enjoy...and WHEN can you start doing what you really want!


We'll help you answers the BIG questions. Including how much money do you need, to ensure you can you can live the life you've become accustomed too. And NEVER run out of money.


Motivated couples and individuals over the age of 50 working towards a self-funded retirement. Where the focus is to ensure you have ENOUGH money to fund your best life.


Is Jigsaw Private Wealth right for you?

Our goal in this process is to show you, in plain English, how we can help you live your best life with the money you have. You'll find we're different than most advisers. Helping you bring simplicity, clarity and confidence to an otherwise confusing, complicated and intimidating subject: retirement planning!

There is no cost for this process-we want you to experience the real benefits of financial planning. So you can make an informed and educated decision about working together so you can see exactly how we make your life better before you pay us a cent.

Our Step-By-Step Path To Financial Clarity


Initial Phone Meeting:


Before committing your time or ours, we'll jump on a 15 min phone call. To make sure your situation matches our expertise. We specialise in simplying your path to a self-funded retirement. So you can live the best life possible with the financial resources you have.


Retirement Discovery Meeting (In-office or via Zoom).


We diagnose before we prescribe. A good doctor would never write a prescription before performing a thorough diagnosis.

Your answers to our in-depth questions, along with any documents we may request, will help craft your retirement vision. Which will result in plain-English answers to your most pressing questions.

We'll apply 20 years of experience combined with detailed analysis to provide you with clear answers.


Retirement Roadmap Meeting(In-office or via Zoom).


Writing your simple self-funded retirement prescription.

After we have understood your current situation and what you want now and in retirement. We'll take that information and complete a through assessment and present this back to you. You'll know...How you are positioned?...Are you on TRACK?...Are you going to run out of money or not?...Can you DREAM bigger in

After all you don't want to die with too much money knowing you could have done so much more!

You'll have a high level overview on how we can help you improve your finances so you can live your best life! At the end of this meeting, there's no hard sell. You can take the time to consider what we've discussed and how this would benefit you.

If you decide it's not a good fit, we'll wish you all the best on your journey!


Sleep On It.


Sometimes you just need a little time.

After advising clients for 20 years we know people just need a little time. There's a lot to consider.

Prior to making a decision to work with us, ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Do I like and trust Jigsaw Private Wealth?
    2. Do the recommendations make sense to me?
    3. Do I feel like Jigsaw Private Wealth are acting in my best interest?


Getting Started.


Your retirement VISION starts to come to life.

We'll start transitioning you in as a new client. We'll start gathering any additional information necessary to service you at the highest level. Prior to this meeting, we make sure that any additional have been adequately answered. We remain totally transparent.

While we would love to work with you, if you get to any point in the process and decide that it’s not a good fit, we will wish you all the best and continued success. Translation: there will never be any pressure. That’s not the experience I would want for my family, and I wouldn’t wish that on you either.

How do I know I'm a good fit?

We only specialise in one thing, retirement planning for a self-funded retirement and provide the greatest value to people who:


Appreciate life: Individuals and couples over the age of 50 who understand there is more to life than the rate of return or the size of their portfolio. "Living your best life", "freedom" and "peace of mind" are important phrases when thinking about what your money means for you.


Are accountable: you appreciate when you know HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH, progress will be made towards goals we've mutually agreed to implement. Just as with fitness, progress is not made unless the work is put in.


Want a simple plan: a simple roadmap which will allow you to STOP what you may longer enjoy on your terms, when you're ready. And know WHEN you can really start doing what you love to do. And know WHAT you need to do to ensure you never run out of money.


Still have questions? Keep reading...