How much is

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How much money do you really
need for the rest of your life?


If you answered with the shrug of your shoulders, don't worry - it's normal. Most people heading towards retirement have little to no idea how much money they require for the rest of their life.

This leads to three problems. One, you retire with too little. Two, you have enough, but don't know it. Three, you end up dying with too much when you could have done more stuff.

While you might have accumulated investments, superannuation and have a high income it's likely you have little idea what it all means. Let alone the financial future which awaits you.

Imagine for a moment you knew "How much is ENOUGH money for you?". You knew how much money you needed to experience everything you wanted to for the rest of your life.

Wouldn't that be worth knowing?

How would that change the way you live your life?

Knowing how much money
you need can be enlightening?

Not only can it put you in control of your financial future but more importantly give you the confidence to live your best life.

After all life is not a rehearsal!

In ENOUGH? We introduce you to the powerful concept of lifestyle financial planning - a way to live your best life.

This book will show you how to live a more fulfilling life on your own terms. It's easy, it's transparent and most importantly - it works! This inspiring work of art is designed for the modern individual.

It will take you by the scruff of the neck - metaphorically speaking, and show you how real lifestyle financial planning can be done in an inspirational and engaging way with real purpose.

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