How to navigate the new retirement landscape?

Grab a coffee, a comfortable chair and sit back and explore how retirement has changed. So you can make your retirement years the best of years.

Call it retirement or financial independence.

It’s a time in your life where you can choose to work or drift off into the sunset to a new chapter. Spend more time enjoying the good things in life. The time to reap what you sowed all those years and live your best life before it’s all too late. Before you’re knackered!

Past retirements consisted of two phases, Pre-Retirement and Leisure.

With longer life expectancies and a more active lifestyle. The landscape of retirement has changed.

The modern retirement can be categorised into four phases. Retirement, Re-engagement, Downshift and Old age.

Marianne Oehser, MM, CRC who is a Certified Retirement and Relationship Coach in the US has given us permission to re-publish her paper.

This paper explores four phases of retirement in the modern age. The potential paths retirement could take.

Retirement or even semi-retirement can be ultra stressful for many. How are you going to fill your days? Some will have no problem, others will struggle. Then there’s the financial component. Do you have ENOUGH money to see you out for the rest of your life?

You only get one shot at this life, it’s not a rehearsal.

It’s a time filled with uncertainty. What will life be like? Will it be what I imagined? Will I be fit and healthy to do all the things I wanted to do in retirement?

After all, it’s going to last 20 years or more.

I liken it to climbing Mt Everest. It’s a challenging and dangerous climb up the mountain. But here’s the thing, more die on the way down.

It’s the same with retirement. It takes a lot of effort to get there. You must protect and manage what you have carefully on the way down.

Any slip up can be costly and will have a significant impact on your lifestyle. You don’t get a chance to go back and do it all again.

But how do you plan for success?

Learn from those that have gone before you. The path is well-trodden, however, the new retirement requires a different approach.

Confidence and peace of mind come from knowing your numbers. Knowing what’s possible. Sadly many don’t take the time to understand their numbers and led astray by financial porn.

Maybe you can retire when you want. Maybe you need to do a little more to adjust to get what you want in retirement. Maybe you can do more in retirement, take more holidays or enjoy life a little more. Maybe you can help your children out and see them benefit from it while you’re still alive.

But do you know HOW you’re positioned?

You see, our role is to help clients understand their wealth. Understand their financial bucket. What’s needed to accumulate, protect and ultimately help them ENJOY IT! So they don’t suffer a retirement CRISIS.

You don’t STOP planning when you retire. The future is uncertain. It will be a bumpy ride. Tweaks and adjustments will be required as you ride the retirement wave. You just don’t know when.

This is why everyone needs a Financial Positioning System in place. A way to consistently reposition your retirement plan so you STAY on track. Even better, an expert who can help you protect your wealth and keep you on TRACK.  And most importantly help you ENJOY IT.

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Some people will want to implement it themselves, and some people will want our help.

Either way, you’ll have a gameplan to get results.

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Here’s to living your best life!

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