How To Live An EPIC Retirement With These Simple Steps

The idea of retirement has changed; we need to look at things differently. Figuring out how much you need, your “ENOUGH” number, is simply mechanical, and software can do that.

We all know retirement is a big deal. It’s something that needs to be planned for. It’s a time we all look forward too. A time when you finally have the freedom to what you want when you want with the people you want.

The truth is retirement isn’t just about the numbers; it’s also about finding fulfilment in your retirement years. After all your retirement could last anywhere between 20, 30 and quite possible 40 years.

In the past we’ve asked “How much money is ‘ENOUGH”.

While that question is still a very important one. It’s going to fund all the good times you’re going to have in retirement.

But you don’t want to be the richest person in the grave yard either. Do you?

Ending up with too much money, means you probably didn’t do more stuff!

We’re adding a more important question.

How do you make sense of the money you’ve accumulated over your working life?

In other words…

How do you live an EPIC retirement?

Past retirements are not what you’re going to experience

Retirement was an invention born from the industrial Age. Designed around a model of work that stressed raw, physical labor. Due to the physical demands of work in that era, people would lose motivation and stamina in their 60’s.

They’d retire and their lifespans were generally short thereafter.

In today’s era, careers rely less on physical labor and more on intellectual (know how), relation (know who), and experiential (been there/done that) skills that are less sensitive to age. But often improve with age.

In the industrial Age, retirement was lucky last 10 years.

Today, the story is very different.

Now you need to plan to live for 20, 30 and for some 40 years in retirement.

Retirement Challenges

While having enough money to fund retirement will be at the top of many peoples retirement challenges.

Retirement posses many challenges when it comes to Psychological and Lifestyle factors.

Sense of identity loss – Work plays a major part in our lives. It’s what we spend many, many years getting up in the morning for. Many people’s identity is closely tied to their work. “I used to be someone, who am I now?”

Social/relationship challenges – Work provides a social network (the people they enjoy being with). Which is tied to their careers.

Change/reduction in mental stimulation – Without proper intellectual stimulation the brain goes into decline…you’re going to need more than just jigsaw puzzles in retirement. Studies have shown declines in verbal memory were 38% faster after retirement compared to before.

Psychological issues around not getting a paycheck – Once your income stops, the price of everything begins to matter. You stress more about your money and how long it will last.

Extra time to fill in the day – You go from a very structured day to unstructured days. No more timelines. You have 168 hours in your week to fill. You can’t rely on being on the golf course five days a week. It will be matter of time before you get bored.

Without structure or something significant to fill your day, many will become bored.

Want to add 7.5 good years to your life? A Yale study found that the number one factor that can help you do that is to take a more positive view of Aging! Just by changing our view of aging and maturity we can add great years to our life. (

Anxiety/depression – Many people become very anxious about money in their retirement and some people suffer from depression not having enough direction and purpose.

That’s why it’s more important to spend just as much time on the non-financial side of your retirement as you do on the financial aspect of retirement planning.

How do you live an EPIC retirement?

We believe that we can address these retirement challenges by working with our clients to create an EPIC retirement.

EPIC is a acronym for:

Let’s examine each of these a little further.

Engage at Any Age

Old -Retire from Significance

New – Meaningful Engagement

The bottom line is: No one is going to take care of us in retirement – we must take charge of our own destiny.

You must write your own story and not live someone’s else’s story.

1) I will do what I want, not what others expect.

Find what you enjoy and spend time on that. This could be anything from hobbies, volunteering, mentoring or even some part-time work.

I can’t tell you the amount of people that have mentioned they want to work a few hours in the gardening section of Bunnings. Maybe we should call it the Bunnings Retirement!

2) I must create my own income to thrive in the future.

It’s a long time to fund your lifestyle. To thrive you need to be thinking of building enough funds to fund your own lifestyle.

Purposeful Living

Old – Retire, then die!

New – Age successfully

We know that AGE and OLD are two different matters. Age is a Chronological marker but OLD is an Attitudinal marker. We don’t get old until we decide to get old.

60 is the new 50, 70 is the new 60.

Those that age successfully lead lives of purpose. Their involved with the community. They are active. And they are always on the move. They have a reason to get up in the morning. They never sit still.

Integrate Vocation and Vacation

Old: Never work again

New: Explore life benefits of work

More now than ever we’re finding there may not be an end to work as you enter retirement. It might be that you find something you love, rather than something that becomes a drag.

Maybe there’s something you really wanted to do, but it was not possible while you were working. Maybe you just want to keep you toes in the water and only do what you are interested in.

It’s no so much about having to work, but doing what you enjoy to remain fulfilled!

All play and no work…

A Rand Study on the THE GREAT UNRETIREMENT TREND revealed three reasons for UNRETIREMENTS happening (

  1. It takes people 2-4 attempts to finally settle into a lifestyle they are comfortable with. (Ever met someone who said they “failed retirement?”)
  2. Many underestimated the lifestyle benefits of working at least part time.
  3. Many experienced diminishing returns on leisure. (Ever met a grumpy old golfer?)

When is the time to go?

“What is the expiration date on your intellectual, relational, and experiential capital?”

There is no right or wrong answer to this question.

First, you don’t have to go just because others expect it. Or when you reach a certain age. Go when you’re ready to go.

Go when you’re tired, bored, worn-out or weary of the experience. Go when you don’t care as much and have lost your curiosity.

Vitamin C’s of Successful Ageing

A Mayo Clinic study on Stress and Pessimism also found that attitude plays a major role in successful aging. (

In the book, The New Retirementality, by Mitch Anthony. He talks about the Vitamin C’s of Successful Ageing:

1.CONNECTIVITY – stay connected to those you love and who energize you.

2.CHALLENGE your mind and body.

3.Stay CURIOUS – a mind that’s not learning is deteriorating.

4.Foster CREATIVITY – doing generative tasks has been linked to living longer and better.

5.Live CHARITABLY – helping others is its own reward and increases our sense of purpose.


When you are within 3-5 years of living your EPIC Retirement. It’s important to think about what you are retiring to.

You can learn a lot from those around you who have retired. Those who have successfully retired and those who have not.

What have those done who retired successfully?

What have those who did not retire successfully do?

Answering these questions will often give you insights to your own fears and desires as you enter retirement.

Take out a blank piece of paper and draw two columns. Name one with “retired well” and one with “didn’t retire well”. Now start thinking about the people you’ve observed around who have retired. Just jotting down some notes.


If you want to live an EPIC retirement, you’re going to want to have a think about the things you want for your retirement. Some will be very clear, others won’t.

CLICK here to download the worksheet

Select up to 6 images that best represent your vision of retirement. This will allow you to do some brainstorming about what specifically how you want to spend your time. Don’t forget, there’s a 168 hours in the week. You may even want to pull out a week from a calendar and start entering the things you’ll do in the morning, afternoon and evening.

For couples, this allows us to set some expectations about the time you will spend together and time you will spend on your individual passions.

Living Your Best Life!

Are you getting the best life possible with the money you have?

You probably know your return on your investments (ROI). But what is your Return on Life?

Well-Being. Progress. Freedom. Are you maximising what’s really important with the money you have?

How close are you to closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be with your money and your life?

Having enough money isn’t enough. What is your Return on Life?

Click here to complete your ROL Index and receive a personalised report.

Are you managing your money in a way that will allow you to live your best life?

It’s hard to work out if you’ll have enough money for retirement!

You may have super, investments and/or a good income, but most people have no idea what it all means or what sort of financial future awaits them.

If you don’t get this right you don’t get to experience your best life in retirement.

At Jigsaw, we feel your frustrations and know you’re striving to live your best life. And we know you don’t want to worry about whether you’ll be okay in retirement. Because of this we’ve developed a framework for you to use so you too can experience your best life.

Knowing how much money you need to give you the freedom to live your life, minus the complexity, confusion and misinformation.

That’s exactly what our “Retirement Breakthrough Sessions” are designed to do. Help you work out your “ENOUGH” number and the exact steps you should be taking with your money so you can live the best life possible.

Schedule your complimentary “Retirement Breakthrough Session” here.

Live your best life in retirement!

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