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How Ed Sheeran Can Help You Prepare For A Rocking Time In Retirement?

Wow, what a concert I thought to myself as we left the Ed Sheeran concert in Adelaide.

The only damper was we all looked like wet sheep as the heavens opened up the minute the concert ended walked to the bus.

Prior to attending this concert, I had my doubts how a solo artist would entertain some 60,000 fans on his own.

I shouldn’t have…

It was an awesome concert.

As I was enjoying Ed power through his songs back to back in two hours of non-stop high energy. I realised Ed Sheeran can actually help people rock retirement.

How, you ask?

Without Ed’s guitar’s there’s no Ed…

No one handing Ed the right guitar for every song, no Ed…

No mixing station, definitely no Ed…

No Tina stringing her violin, no Ed big hit…

Without his creative director…well probably no show…

Without all these components, it would just be Ed in front of a crowd. I suspect it would be pretty bland.

Particularly without Ed’s creative director who pulls it all together so he can shine and do his thing.

But with all those things, it’s a memorable concert. An experience to be remembered for years and decades to come…

So what does that have to do with retirement you might say? Everything.

A concert does not come together at the last minute. It’s planned and choreographed down to the smallest detail.

Now, you might have your own strengths, but many get sidetracked. Life’s busy, right?

Yet leveraging other people’s knowledge and experience can help you gain clarity and give you the confidence to live your best life while you’re fit and able to enjoy it.

You can’t just limp over the line at retirement and think everything’s going to be alright.

If you want to enjoy a comfortable and happy life in retirement. Without fear of running out of money. IT NEEDS TO BE PLANNED FOR

Things like:

The experiences you want to enjoy in retirement…your endless bucket list.

Knowing how much money do you really need for the rest of your life? So you can confidently do everything you planned for.

How are you going to structure your income so it comes in at the right time? Just like Ed having the right guitar for every song. How do you protect it from market shocks?

Is your investment tempo going to allow you to enjoy life now but help your money last the distance? Without exposing your life’s savings to any more risk than you need too.

How are you going to deal with unexpected events? And there will be a few through your retirement…

When you are prepared for these things, your retirement becomes a choreographed retirement event. So you can shine and enjoy the years of all that hard work. Free from worry and fear…

Sadly many people are blindly going about it. Sitting in the shadows fearful that they may not be able to experience the retirement they wanted.


Time is precious and ticking away ever so slightly. You only get so many good years where you are fit and able to enjoy the good things in life.

And before you know it, your hips go…your knees go. It’s harder to climb the few stairs into the caravan. Those long road trips become more tiring. Traveling overseas is no longer enjoyable.

Everything is harder.


You need to know if you are on track for a comfortable retirement so you can do something about it before it’s too late.

Maybe you have just enough but don’t know it…

Perhaps you don’t have enough, but could do something about it now to put you on track…

Or maybe, you have more than enough but aren’t comfortable to pull the trigger…

Knowing the answers to these questions will give you the confidence to make the right financial decisions today. While setting you on the right path to retire when you are ready.

So, if you’re within 7 years of retirement you need to get yourself an Ed Sheeran creative director. In the form of a financial adviser who specialises in retirement planning.

Click here to learn how you can get the confidence and clarity you need today. So you can experience everything you could dream off in retirement before you’re too old to enjoy it…

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