How to structure your finances and safely generate a regular income in retirement?


Transitioning from your working life to your retirement lifestyle is a major life transition. Moving from a structured Mon-Fri 9-5 routine to little to no structure. For some this can be an extremely daunting and stressful time. The reality is your routine will change. Your financial arrangements will change and you’ll probably freak out a…

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Do you know what your investment return for super was in 2020 and should you care?

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Do you know what return you achieved inside your super fund for calendar year 2020? Based on Chant West’s research. The average industry Balanced Fund (holding growth investments of 41-60%) generated a return of 3%. While you wouldn’t call this shooting the lights out. It’s a great result considering the worlds economies were on life…

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What an expensive watch can teach you about the dangers of emotional decision making?

Last week, the story which dominated the headlines and news channels was Christine Holgate, CEO of Australia Post. She rewarded seniors managers with watches. Not just any watches, but $5,000 Cartier watches. Not being a watch person I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a Seiko and a Cartier watch. It caused a…

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Evidence Based Investing

The financial landscape is full of investment options. Around every corner, you’ll find a different approach. While many are full of marketing hype and that one person knows the future. There’s is undeniable evidence which has stood the test of time. Evidence-based investing. In it’s simplest form, it’s your asset allocation which drives your investment…

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How to stop investment biases ruining your retirement?

Would you like a short-cut? To reduce the number of errors your mind has control over. The biggest risk to your retirement is not market movements nor inflation. We explored cognitive biases which affect your financial decisions in our previous post. You can read the post by clicking here>> Repurposing emotion for more favourable outcomes!…

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The uncomfortable truth about your biases which will haunt you in retirement!

Are you uncertain about your retirement plans? Like most, COVID-19 has infected many retirement plans. No matter the amount of money you have, it’s affected, everyone. Whether it be the way you invest. The timing of your retirement. Or a complete rethink about the retirement you had planned. Even the assumptions you based your plan…

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Dangers of Drifting vs Benefit of Decisions Towards Retirement

  Hands down, the most asked questions are “how much money do I need for retirement?” and “will I be ok?”, normally code for will I run out of money in retirement. The simple answer, it depends… It depends on the retirement you have in mind. But, here’s the thing, many leave the planning till…

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Trends changing retirement planning forever!

COVID-19 disruption…a disruption that will change the way we live forever.  It’s affected everything we do. From how we work, educate our kids and retirement planning to name a few. We were seeing these trends pick up pace before COVID-19 changed life the way we knew it.  Forcing us into isolation.  Forcing us to change…

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